Novel Switching Technique for Five Leg Inverter in Dual Motor Control

Jayaprakash Sabarad


This work presents a novel switching technique for five leg inverter in dual motor control. As the technology advances in industry, requirements in reducing the cost plays an important role with reliable product design. In conventional method, the six legs are used in 2- three phase Voltage Source Inverters (VSI) to control 2 motors. This proposed technique will give the improved performance of speed control for dual motor control using Five Leg Inverter (FLI).  New proposed method suggests to use 5-inverter legs instead of 6-inverter legs to control 2 induction motors.

                New Switching technique proposed in FLI system is designed in effective way that improved performance and Total Harmonic Distortion of ~23% achieved. The load sharing on common leg is called Common Mode (CM) of operation.  In this new method, closed loop control designed by using space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) and Direct Torque Control (DTC) in FLI Technology. With this new method smooth speed regulation is achieved when load torque is changed. THD% for CM-FLI is reduced when compared with convetional FLI technique. The new Switching technique is controlled in effective way that the common leg is not overloaded and able to drive both the induction motors independently at required speeds. Proposed switching technique verified at different operating speeds with No load and rated torque. Simulation results computed using MATLAB/SIMULINK Software.




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