An Improved Optimal-K and K-Means clustering-based Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

Samah Alnajdi, Fuad Bajaber


In recent years, wireless sensor network (WSN) applications have become widely used in various domains, such as in the military, disaster management, industrial and environmental monitoring, and healthcare. However, the networks have many challenges. One of the main challenges is that the sensor nodes are critically constrained for resources and usually have un-rechargeable batteries, which directly impacts the network’s performance and makes routing a critical issue. Therefore, many hierarchical routing protocols have been proposed to address the issue and establish efficient energy consumption based on different types of clustering algorithms. In this paper, we proposed an efficient hierarchical routing protocol based on chain-based clustering along with an improved existing method that includes an optimal-K model for the dynamic selection of the number of formed chains and k-means clustering. The simulation performed on MATLAB and the proposed protocol showed improvements in comparison with other existing protocols in terms of the network’s lifetime, the data transmission delay, and the control overhead.


chain-based clustering; energy consumption; hierarchical routing; k-means; network lifetime; optimal K; overhead; routing protocols; WSN;


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