Design and Simulation of a Microgrid for TIH Campus

Zaid H Ali, Ziyaad H Saleh, Raid W Daoud, Ahmed H Ahmed


This paper proposes a methodology for designing and operating a microgrid (MG) for the main campus of the Technical Institution Hawija. In this MG, a battery energy storage system (BESS), photovoltaic (PV) generation system, and controllable loads are included. Due to the high penetration of the PVs, over-voltage issues may occur in this MG. A novel operation strategy is considered by coordinating the BESS, PVs, and loads to prevent power outages and accomplish a secure operation of this MG. In this proposed approach, droop controllers have been implemented to provide the appropriate references for the PVs and BESS to maintain the voltage of the MG within a secure range. The generation of the PVs may be curtailed to guarantee the fidelity of the voltage. The intended simulations will be based on MATLAB/Simulink to show the efficacy of the intended design.


Energy storage systems Droop controllers Microgrids PV generation systems


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