A Novel Bandwidth Enhanced Triple Band Antenna for Satellite and Airborne Applications




This paper presents a novel bandwidth enhancement technique in which a stack of Sierpinski fractal antenna of third order are  parasitically coupled to the driven element that is also a Sierpinski fractal of third order, using edge feeding technique. The stack of elements placed symmetric to the driven elements provide the combined benefits of horizontal and vertical parasitic coupling, with added advantage of miniaturization contributed by fractal technology. Result of the study indicate that the proposed passive antenna array provide triple band with a large inter-band seperation that mitigates the effects of inter-band interference.The first band at 6.1Ghz with bandwidth of 250Mhz supports mobile wireless and fixed satellite service,the second band is at 7.1Ghz with bandwidth of 350Mhz that  supports mobile wireless, fixed wireless and fixed satellite service.The third band is 11.6Ghz with bandwidth of 1.4Ghz and supports fixed wireless and fixed satellite services.Further, result of the study indicate that, as the number of elements in the parasitic stack are increased, the bandwidth in the third band increased from 1.5Ghz for two-element stack to 1.7Ghz for three-element.In addition to increased bandwidth, the proposed antenna exhibits increased Gain and Directivity that increases with increase in elements in parasitic stack.This has an advantage over conventional antenna array, that use more active antenna elements that have the limitations of more power consumption and large space occupancy.


parasitic stack, sierpinski fractal, parasitic coupling, miniaturization, enhanced bandwidth



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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v19.i2.pp%25p
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