The Nonlinear Control of Flight Engine Case Study: Quadrotor

Youssouf Meddahi, Zemalache meguenni Kadda, Aoued Houari


This paper work focused on the study of a quadrotor helicopter, the nonlinear behavior of quadrotors requires an advanced stabilizing control of this vehicles. In order to model the dynamic of the vehicles, kinematics and dynamics modeling of the X4 is presented. Euler angles and parameters are used in the formulation of this model and the technique of Computed Torque control is introduced. In the second part of the paper, we develop a methodology of control that allows the quadrotor to accomplish a prospecting mission of an environment, as the follow-up of a trajectory by the simulation which results show that Computed Torque control method is suitable for X4. 


quadrotor; PD-CTC cotroller; modeling; nonlinear


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