Dynamic Real-Time Capacity Constrained Routing Algorithm for Evacuation Planning Problem

jawad abusalama


Usually, disasters occurred over a relatively short time in anytime and anywhere. Most occupancies haven’t absolute knowledge about the prevention or safety consciousness to deal with disasters. During disaster occurred, evacuation processes are conducted to save people life, and if there is no appropriate evacuation plan, the situation will become worse. Thus, finding optimal planning to evacuate the occupancy people is critical in many cases i.e. emergency evacuation. In this paper, a Dynamic Real-Time Capacity Constrained Routing (DRTCCR) Algorithm has been proposed and analyzed. Such algorithm will investigate the capacity constraints of the evacuation network in real-time by modelling the capacities at the time of series to improve current solutions of the evacuation planning problem.  Such algorithm will produce an optimal solution for evacuation planning problem. Performance evaluation on many network models illustrates that the DRTCCR algorithm improves the previous evacuation planning by reducing the evacuation time as well as the computational cost. In addition, DRTCCR algorithm has the ability to recalculate and find out the optimal path dynamically in real-time irrespective the number of trapped people as well as the transportation network size. Analytical experiments have been done and illustrate the efficiency of the proposed algorithm.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v20.i3.pp%25p
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