Technology in Indian Agriculture - A Review

R S Upendra, I M Umesh, R B Ravi Varma, B Basavaprasad


Optimization of agricultural practices for enhanced crop yield is considered to be essential phenomena for the countries like India. In order to strengthen the economy and also to meet the food demand for the exponentially growing population, optimizing the agricultural practices has become necessity. In India, weather and geographical conditions are highly variable and were thought to be the major bottleneck of agricultural practices to achieve improved crop yield. Agricultural practices in India are facing many challenges such as change in climatic conditions, different geographical environment, conventional agricultural practices; economic and political scenario. Economic loss due to the lack of information on crop yield productivity is another major concern in the country. These hurdles can be overcome by the implementation of advanced technology in agriculture. Some of the trends observed are smart farming, digital agriculture and Big Data Analytics which provide useful information regarding various crop yields influencing factors and predicting the accurate amounts of crop yield. The exact prediction of crop yield helps formers to develop a suitable cultivation plan, crop health monitoring system, management of crop yield efficiently and also to establish the business strategy in order to decrease economic losses. This also makes the agricultural practices as one of the highly profitable venture. This paper presents insights on the various applications of technology advancements in agriculture such as Digital Agriculture, Smart Farming or Internet of Agriculture Technology (IoAT), Precision Agriculture, Crop Management, Weed and Pest control, Crop protection and Big data analytics.


Agriculture;Big Data Analytics;Digital Agriculture;Smart forming;Precision Agriculture;Crop Management; Crop Yield


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