LSA & LDA topic modeling classification: comparison study on e-books

Shaymaa H. Mohammed, Salam Al-augby


With the rapid growth of information technology, the amount of unstructured text data in digital libraries is rapidly increased and has become a big challenge in analyzing, organizing and how to classify text automatically in E-research repository to get the benefit from them is the cornerstone. The manual categorization of text documents requires a lot of financial, human resources for management. In order to get so, topic modeling are used to classify documents. This paper addresses a comparison study on scientific unstructured text document classification (e-books) based on the full text where applying the most popular topic modeling approach (LDA, LSA) to cluster the words into a set of topics as important keywords for classification. Our dataset consists of (300) books contain about 23 million words based on full text. In the used topic models (LSA, LDA) each word in the corpus of vocabulary is connected with one or more topics with a probability, as estimated by the model. Many (LDA, LSA) models were built with different values of coherence and pick the one that produces the highest coherence value. The result of this paper showed that LDA has better results than LSA and the best results obtained from the LDA method was (0.592179) of coherence value when the number of topics was 20 while the LSA coherence value was (0.5773026) when the number of topics was 10.


Text Mining;Text Classification;Text Clustering;Topic Modeling;Latent Semantic Analysis;Latent Dirichlet Allocation


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