Course recommendation system using fuzzy logic approach

Mohd Suffian Sulaiman, Amylia Ahamad Tamizi, Mohd Razif Shamsudin, Azri Azmi


Course selection is a key for success in student’s academic path. In today’s education environment, various courses offered by different academic institutions required the students to explore the course outline manually. Most of them are lacking in knowledge, having dilemma and making blind selections to choose the right course. Therefore, it is essential to have a course recommendation to provide guidance to a student to choose the course related with their interest and skill. This paper proposed to develop a course recommendation system using fuzzy logic approach. The development methodology of this system involves several phases include requirements planning, user design and construction for prototyping, testing and cutover. This study used the fuzzy rules technique in order to calculate each associated student’s skill and interest level based on Mamdani fuzzy inference system method. Then, the rules will generate final outcome which recommend the suitable course path and provide the details to a user based on their course test. The result shows the functionality of this system has been achieved and works well. This study is significantly helping the students to choose their course based on the interest and skill.


Fuzzy logic, Mamdani, Interest, Skill, Recommendation system, Rules

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