Dependable estimations for education quality using fuzzy logic based strategy a case study (University of Kufa)

Adel Al Janabi, Ehsan Ali Kareem, Radhwan Hussein Abdulzhraa Al Sagheer


The consideration that the Iraqi community has concentrated on the training area has delivered another college responsibility routed to superiority viewpoints for all training connected facilities. In truth, a superiority arranged facility necessitates perfection in the structure and arranging of facility exercises, in addition to amid its conveying for the received facility execution assessment strategy. In any case, considering that facility execution assessments are profoundly founded on partners’ decisions, they can be described by conceivable vulnerabilities identified with deficiency for incomplete obliviousness, imprecision for subjectivity and even dubiousness. In this way, underneath these circumstances, temperamental outcomes can be acquired by broadly measured facility investigation strategies. This paper is a strategy dependent an ongoing augmentation of ServQual display and it utilizes a consolidated way of Fuzzy Set Theory of command process technique that is proposed to adequately deal with vulnerability in facility execution examinations. Specifically, Fuzzy Set Theory is measured to manage vulnerability, while AHP strategy is embraced as device to appraise the significance loads of key facility characteristics. In this way, the key investigation of the facility esteem tree identified with the program in University of Kufa is made by using the planned strategy. The completed facility examination permits the most impacting facility execution components to be caught and remarked. At last, acquired outcomes demonstrate that the teachers' view of facility quality definitively impacts by large facility execution level. 

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