Numerical solution for a new fuzzy transform of hyperbolic goursat partial differential equation

Nur Syazana Saharizan, Nurnadiah Zamri


The main objective of this paper is to present a new numerical method with utilization of fuzzy transform in order to solve various engineering problems that represented by hyperbolic Goursat partial differentical equation (PDE). The application of differential equations are widely used for modelling physical phenomena. There are many complicated and dynamic physical problems involved in developing a differential equation with high accuracy. Some problems requires a complex and time consuming algorithms. Therefore, the application of fuzzy mathematics seems to be appropriate for solving differential equations due to the transformation of differential equations to the algebraic equation which is solvable. Furthermore, development of a numerical method for solving hyperbolic Goursat PDE is presented in this paper. The method are supported by numerical experiment and computation using MATLAB. This will provide a clear picture to the researcher to understand the utilization of fuzzy transform to the hyperbolic Goursat PDE.


Fuzzy transform, Goursat, Hyperbolic equation, Numerical, Partial differential equation

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