Fast surveillance video indexing & retrieval with WiFi MAC address tagging

K. L. Tan, K. C. Lim


Conventional public safety surveillance video camera systems required 24/7 monitoring of security officers with video wall display installed in the control room. When a crime or incident is reported, all the recorded surveillance video streams nearby the incident area are playback simultaneously on video wall to help locate the target person. The security officers can fast forward the video playback to speed up the video search, but it requires massive manpower if there are hundreds of video streams required to be examined on the video wall. One of the possible solutions is through a suitable video indexing and retrieval technique to prioritize the video frames that need to be processed. This paper presents a WiFi sniffer enabled surveillance camera, with 3-stage WiFi frame inspection filter and the use of collected WiFi signal strength for filtering, to tag the collected WiFi MAC addresses to the surveillance video frames according to the time of the MAC address is sniffed. Additional metadata (WiFi MAC address of smartphone) collected during the occurrence of the incident can be used to prioritize the retrieving of surveillance video frames for subsequent image processing. 


WiFi MAC address, WiFi sniffer, RSSI, Surveillance video, Video indexing

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