Characteristic evaluation of 20-Bit consecutive codes in high performance optical burst mode receiver configuration

Adibah Mazwar, Azura Hamzah, Sevia Mahdaliza Idrus, Atsushi Kanno, Norliza Mohamed


Optical burst mode receivers are indispensable components for Passive Optical Network (PON) and Ethernet Optical Access Network (E-OSAN). An optical burst mode receiver with transfer function Gn(/ω0) = 1 - Hn(/ω0) is proposed, of which better performance is anticipated than that of conventional AC-coupling. Next, an optical burst mode receiver with fast response Gn(/ωF) and slow response Gn(/ωS), whereby Gn(/ωF) switches to Gn(/ωS) right after the DC component of the input burst signal converges to 0 is proposed. Then, an automatically switching circuit that switches fast response Gn(/ωF) to slow response Gn(/ωS) circuits right after the maximum peak value of the output burst Gn(/ωF) is 1/2 and the DC components of the input burst converges to 0 is also proposed. This paper presents the experiments on same consecutive codes in burst mode receivers using the proposed automatically switching circuit, with evaluation on its characteristics made through simulation.


Burst mode receiver, Bessel filter, Step response, Transfer function, Consecutive codes

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