Unit commitment based reliability analysis with contingency constraint

Raheema Syed, P. Srinivasa Varma, R. B. R Prakash, Ch. Rami Reddy


Unit commitment state’s the strategic choice to be prepared in order to define which of the accessible power plants should be taken into account to supply power. It permits utilities to reduce generation price of power. In this paper, the unit commitment problem is elucidated by taking N-1-1 contingency as a foremost constraint. The standard N-1-1 contingency takes the loss of sequential two components in the network having intervening interval for network modifications in the middle of two losses. The crucial objective to carry out contingency constrictions is to make certain that the operations of power system are adequately strong to unexpected losses of the components of the network. The optimal scheduling/allocation of the generating units is resolved by taking into account the N-1-1 criterion of contingency. By considering the N-1-1 criterion of contingency, the problem results to give an optimised model which is a linear model of mixed integer form. The linear program of mixed integer is a technique of an operational assessment in which restriction is imposed on few variables to be integers. Primarily benders decomposition was considered but for the improvement of results, the algorithm of branch and cut is presented. IEEE 30 bus system is taken into consideration and widespread analysis is accomplished to associate performance of the system under N-1-1 criterion contingency. The computational outcomes determine the value for taking into concern the intervening interval for the adjustments of the system with respect to the cost and robustness of the system. Later to the above model reliability assessment is proposed to calculate the Loss Of Load Expected (LOLE). This model is solved using MATLAB/MATPOWER software.


Benders decomposition; Branch and cut algorithm; Contingency constraints; Reliability; Unit commitment

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v16.i1.pp74-81


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