Implementation flow control to improve quality of service on computer networks

Ahmad Khafidin, Tatyantoro Andrasto, Suryono Suryono


Quality of Service (QoS) is the collective effect of service performances, which determine the degree of satisfaction of a user of the service. In addition, QoS defined as the ability of a network to provide good service. QoS aims to provide different quality of services for various needs in the IP network. QoS parameters that can be used to analyze the data communication services are jitter, packet loss, throughput, and delay. The quality of QoS parameters in the network is affected by congestion. Congestion occurs because there is an excessive queue in the network. Congestion can be prevented by implementing flow control on network. Flow control is a method to control the data packet flow in a network. By controlling of the data packet flow, it can improve of QoS. This study intends to find out value of QoS on the internet network at Faculty Engineering, State University of Semarang by measuring network performance using QoS parameters. Then, in this research will be implemented the token bucket method as a flow control mechanism at the network to improve the QoS. After research and data analysis, internet network at Faculty Engineering State University of Semarang has QoS value was 3,5 with 87,5 % of percentage and classified in satisfying of category. When measuring the network performance, there are decreases of performance at access point that having data rates 150 Mbps with many users connected. It has 9,0 ms of delay value, 0.046 ms of jitter, 16,6% of packet loss and, 1293407 bps of throughput. After token bucket was applied as flow control mechanism that be simulated on Graphical Network Simulator 3, the internet network has QoS values 3,75 with 93,75 % of percentage and classified as “satisfying” category. Furthermore, the percentage of the throughput value obtained on network by implementing flow control is 62%, while on the existing network is 41%.


Quality of service, Delay, Jitter, Packet loss, Throughput, Flow control

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