Energy Efficient Clustering for Wireless Sensor Networks using EASSR

Y. Chalapathi Rao, Ch. Santhi Rani


Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) consist of a large quantity of small and low cost sensor nodes powered by small non rechargeable batteries and furnish with various sensing devices. The cluster-based technique is one of the good perspectives to reduce energy consumption in WSNs. The lifetime of WSNs is maximized by using the uniform cluster location and balancing the network loading between the clusters. We have reviewed various energy efficient schemes apply in WSNs of which we concerted on clustering approach. So, in this paper we have discussed about few existing energy efficient clustering techniques and proposed an Energy Aware Sleep Scheduling Routing (EASSR) scheme for WSN in which some nodes are usually put to sleep to conserve energy, and this helps to prolong the network lifetime. EASSR selects a node as a cluster head if its residual energy is more than system average energy and have low energy consumption rate in existing round. The efforts of this scheme are, increase of network stability period, and minimize loss of sensed data. Performance analysis and compared statistic results show that EASSR has significant improvement over existing methods in terms of energy consumption, network lifetime and data units gathered at BS.

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