Secured Communication Among HMI and Controller using RC-4 Algorithmand Raspberry Pi

Albert Sagala, Deni Parlindungan Lumbantoruan, Epelin Manurung, Iroma Situmorang, Adi Gunawan


In the beginning the implementation of a plant with SCADA technology, the network is formed isolated from the outside network (LAN or Internet). So it can be ascertained that the communication that occurs on the SCADA network is safe from the threat of crackers. In fact, SCADA network allows it to be connected to the Internet, so that the data of the plant can be monitored via the Internet, so the information about the state of the plant can be monitored in realtime and can be taken quickly if it is known there are anomalies on the control system. In the research we designed a method of encryption and decryption against the lines of communication between the HMI (Human Machine Interface) and the Controller on an industrial minipant contained in Lab CSRC IT Del. Raspberry Pi is used as a gateway between the HMI and the Controller. While Algorithm RC 4 are used as the algorithm for encrypting data between the HMI and the Controller. In the results, we can use the Rapsberry Pi to secure the communication between the HMI and Controller.


Secured SCADA;Encryption RC-4 for SCADA;Rapsberry Pi Gateway;Hacking SCADA

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