DA systematic approach for solving mixed constraint fuzzy balanced and unbalanced transportation problem

Ahmed Hamoud, Kirtiwant Ghadle, Priyanka Pathade


In the present article, a mixed type transportation problem is considered. Most of the transportation problems in real life situation have mixed type transportation problem this type of transportation problem cannot be solved by usual methods. Here we attempt a new concept of Best Candidate Method (BCM) to obtain the optimal solution. To determine the compromise solution of balanced mixed fuzzy transportation problem and unbalanced mixed fuzzy transportation problem of trapezoidal and trivial fuzzy numbers with new BCM solution procedure has been applied. The method is illustrated by the numerical examples.


Fuzzy transportation problem; Mixed trapezoidal fuzzy numbers; Best candidate method; Fuzzy ranking technique; Trivial fuzzy numbers.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v19.i1.pp%25p
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