Key Escrow with Elliptic Curve Cryptography – Conceptual Framework for Distributed Mobile Networks

B. Sugumar, M. Ramakrishnan


In the large scale distributive environment involving mobile network, metadata server and storage applications, the data access and the security measures are of paramount importance. In parallel application processing, data is distributed across multiple servers and storage location. Ensuring confidentiality and availability of the data to the authorised users at the appropriate time involves high level of encryption algorithms, key management schemes and security algorithms. In this paper, key escrow scheme is implemented with the light weighted symmetric algorithm, elliptic curve cryptography in the distributed environment. Key escrow centre is established along with the metadata server and the encryption keys are segmented and shared among the multiple sub agents using Shamir threshold sharing scheme. The implementation of Key Escrow mechanism with Elliptical Curve Cryptography provides wide range of flexibility and confidentiality in the distributed environment. It also eliminates private secret sub key problem and thereby ensuring better security.


Cryptography; Distributed Systems; ECC; Key Escrow; Secret Sharing; Segmentation

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