Signal Processing in Telecommunications with Forward Correction of Errors

Juliy Boiko, Oleksander Eromenko


The development of mechanisms of increase efficiency of frequency-shift keying signals processing in telecommunications using algorithms of noise immunity channel coding in obstacle effect conditions is held in the article. The synthesis of the frequency-shift keying signal processing unit accounting intersymbol communication which is inherent for such signals with continuous phase is held. The conditions of the compromise implementation in the telecommunication information transmission channel with frequency shift keying and error correction coding for setting the optimal encoding rate in the range of the bandwidth of the information transmission system are explored. Linear cyclic codes Bose-Chaudhuri-Hocquenghem (BCH) are used for studying. By means of Matlab the article focuses on the definition of energetic benefit compared to uncoded system in case of equality of the bandwidth of the information transmission system with coding and without coding.


modulation; telecommunications; signal-code construction; optimum receiver

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